Fire Emblem: Awakening Coming In February, And Life Is Glorious

Our friends at RPG Fan bring us great news: Fire Emblem Awakening is seeing United States release on February 4th, with DLC information and prices to be released later. Awakening is a new Fire Emblem story after two remakes of the first two main-story games (Shadow Dragon and Monshou no Nazo) which features changes to the time-tested battle system, as well as what developers describe as a “greatest hits” assortment of ideas from past games in the series.

This game is going to be mind-blowing. After the underwhelming Wii title Radiant Dawn, the DS games were good, but this looks to be mind-blowing. Newbies will enjoy it, but veterans are going to go ga-ga over the DLC, assuming we get what Japan has thus far. This sounds like a PR post, but I’m that excited for this.

My desire for timely Google hits also lends some credence to my posting this. Oh, glorious advertising money, come unto me!

More information can be found at Serenes Forest, with more rapid updates on their forums.

Disclosure: As Superbus, I was the administrator for the Fire Emblem: Sanctuary of Strategy, and Serenes Forest is run by our own Josh “Jyosua” Moore

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