Canada’s Revenge! Fire Emblem: Awakening Drops One Week Early

fireemblemawakeningCanada isn’t exactly Australia when it comes to getting stiffed by games publishers, but it’s not quite as convenient a place to buy video games than America, historically speaking. Though prices have come back to the American norm, they used to be far worse due to the weakness of the Canadian dollar and generally higher consumption taxes, overall. Also, it’s cold. Like, really fucking cold.

Consdider today Canada’s payback.

Reports are coming out on social media that Fire Emblem has been released, but only in Canada. Nintendo doesn’t have any comment for me at this time, but one person told me that he got a notification that it shipped, and other Twitter messages imply that people are in possession. Other scuttlebutt – none of this confirmed by Nintendo, naturally – indicates that Nintendo of Canada never actually street-dated the game officially for the country. Therefore, people putting the game out for sale are, technically, within their rights.


Sometimes, things happen that fall into gamers’ favour, and after what happened to former colleague Sean Madson regarding his likely never getting his purchased, preordered copy of Ni no Kuni, I’m all for it, even if some poor schlep ends up potentially getting yelled at by Reggie Fils-Aime. Nintendo can’t walk this back – what are they going to do, issue a recall? Stop by peoples’ houses to intercept packages? – so the best they can do is grin and bear it.

As for America, we have a temperate climate and almost 80% of the teams in the National Hockey League. ‘MURICA. FUCK YEAH.

Christopher Bowen

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